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What is Morris?


While the origins of Morris Dancing may or may not be in England, Spain, Germany, or somewhere else in Europe entirely; and may or may not have included pagan rituals and women; modern Morris in Australia is much less shrouded in those maddening and mysterious mists of time.
Australian Morris sides dance what we believe to be an English folk tradition, covering local dialects of dance from the subtle variations of Cotswold Morris to the North West Clog and the Welsh Border dances.

With links to the ancient English traditions of hunting (legally or otherwise) and harvesting and the early stages of industrialisation in the coal mines and cotton mills; Australian Morris is performed by English expats and Australian locals alike. Australia offers traditional sides who trace their beginnings back to England, innovative sides who are adapting the traditions to local conditions, and everything in between.

Australian Morris is fresh and varied, friendly and skilled, and open to everyone.

To learn to Morris dance, contact one of our talented sides.

For any other questions on Australian Morris, contact our Squire or Archivist.